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Offering your clients credit gives your business the edge it requires to stay competitive and secure long-term business relationships. To retain this edge one must also accept the reality that some of your collection accounts will require outside help. Below we have listed some of the Warning Signs of a potential loss.

When to take notice: Changes in pay history - Personnel changes Avoiding your calls Partial payments without authorization Requesting new payment terms Using your sales representative as a go between Last minute disputes Requesting additional credit lines Change of address

When to place an account with Portfolio Management & Investigations: Admits to cash flow problems Refers you to an attorney Ignores collection calls and letters Breaks partial payment terms offered NSF checks not made up Phone answers as new business or is disconnected Merchandise returned without authorization

When it may be too late: Bankruptcy notice Formation of a creditors committee Eviction Out of statute of limitations Chapter 7 filing notice received for the business and your personal guarantor

Look at the statistics below: For every month that goes by, your money decreases in value. The longer you wait, the more you pay the customer (debtor) back. Keep in mind they still have the product or utilized your service. Depending on your mark up, what month do you start losing money?

Repossession on the rise. Where do you stand? Click here. You specialize in your particular field and Portfolio Management & Investigations specializes in recovering your money. Let Portfolio Management & Investigations design a comprehensive program for you and your organization and lets make the hard work you do start paying off.
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